Slot: the best way to bet

One of the main problems that a slot player is what to do when offered free money. Both traditional casinos and online casinos offer cash for regular players that can be used in slot games. And while this is certainly great, people should think about how they will use the money. Do you play games coin denomination and seeks greater biggest progressive jackpots? Or takes a more conservative approach and try to win a modest sum of money from your bond? We will discuss these issues and more in relation to the free slot.
Money Basics of Slots Free Cash

Before analyzing how players should use their compensation / bonuses in the slots, it is worth noting the basic principles of what people can expect free money. And the first thing you should know is that the bonuses and compensation slots are not technically free. Instead, this money casinos provide players with the idea that will be used in slot games.

For example, if you play online slots and for some reason get a bonus of $ 1,000, this money is yours immediately. Instead, you must meet the requirements before you can collect the prize – otherwise some players might take your $ 1,000 and stop playing.

A common requirement is that you must wager the bonus 30 times, which in the case of $ 1,000 would be $ 30,000. This might seem like a huge gamble, but keep in mind that most of the games have a fairly high payout percentages. This is especially true when you play online slots where most games offer a 95% refund or more. If you can meet the requirements of the bets, money is usually yours for you to have it or continue playing with it.

The way we manage the traditional casinos slots free money basically works the same way. Gamers will compensate and / or the big winners with a certain amount of cash to keep your business. From here, players must use their card slot to control how much money has been wagered. With the points you earn, players sometimes get free cash that is strictly for betting purposes.
Two Basic Principles

As referenced in the questions we asked in the introduction, there are two different ways you can handle the free money slots. Some people just go to traditional casinos or play online slots jackpots search. Therefore, it would only be fair that they chose the game for free and look for the big prizes. Also worth noting that most of the wagering requirements are designed so that the average player does not stay any free money, what makes people think that simply should look for great prizes. So if there is a progressive jackpot of $ 1 million required to qualify bet $ 1, you could put the entire bonus in this game.

Other players might be more interested in using this gift to modestly increase their funds while retaining some of the gains. If a traditional casino compensates you $ 500 in free cash slots, you could use it to play slots of quarters and nickels. Thus, spends more time in the slot and has a better chance to deposit some money when / if you get tired of playing.

In the end, the way in which he used the money depends largely on your goals with the slots. People who like to spend time by turning the rollers, will probably opt to play conservatively. But keep in mind that there is nothing wrong in trying out a lot of money!

Casino bonus without deposit
Download Slots Madness Casino When a player enrolls in an online casino after indicating his / her e-mail address and wishes to play for the first time, he sometimes has the opportunity to benefit from a promotion promoted by a rare number of players, Operators: a free casino bonus without deposit. This type of casino bonus without any deposit free, is advantageous in the sense that it allows the user to discover the various services and benefits of the new online casino chosen: his toy library, slot machine games, table games , Its software platform, its promotional offers, the game editors with which it works like Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, Rival, Betsoft, RTG (Real Time Gaming) or NextGen as well as the payment methods that it possesses in showcase. Nothing like free casinos to fill their pockets on the best online casinos!

Blackjack Bonus

Generally, when you start playing blackjack in an online casino, you are not necessarily accustomed to the bonus since it is true that in other structures such as land casinos for example, you will not have any bonus specially designed For blackjack, distributed. Moreover, it must be said, the majority of the experienced players who like blackjack come from these structures but realized that it is better to play online for a lot of reasons.

How to tame a blackjack bonus?

When bonuses for blackjack are not common to you, you may have a little trouble letting yourself go and activating a bonus. If you have experience, then you should know that blackjack is the casino game for which you will have the most chance of taking the lead on the casino. Two very interesting strategies are the basic strategy and the strategy of card counting, which will help you to gain the upper hand on the establishment but only if you master them perfectly. Rest assured, you can read and learn the strategies in our
specialized articles.
But what are the bonuses in all this? Well, they will allow you to do two things: either you play longer since you have more money in your bankroll, but for this you will have to keep the bet amounts you used to make or you can Simply bet bigger and that said bigger bets said bigger gains also. In other words, a bonus will give you the opportunity to earn more money through greater financial gambling ability.
The bonuses
Our guide then picks up the best bonuses that are meant for blackjack. For the blow, you will realize that this is not the "most popular" casinos that are in first position. Indeed, casinos a little less known to the general public sometimes make a little more effort for table game players who are often more picky about games. You should also know that most of the bonuses for blackjack players are not enormous. They are quite respectable, that's for sure but the sums will never equal what you find for slot machines for example. It is very often necessary to make more bets than usual with regard to mandatory bets but after all, using the strategies as we advised you, then you should get very good results very quickly.
As for updating these bonuses on our site, it is done regularly. But it may be that one of those bonuses you love so much escapes us. In this case, what we need to do is tell our team to look at the bonus and study it in detail so that it can be included in the ranking if it is of interest to the community.
Other bonuses just for you You've had enough fun on blackjack games and we hope you did it with the bonuses we've prepared for you. It is now time to use other types of bonuses that you will find here:

Reasons to enjoy online casino

It is no longer necessary to leave home to gamble, since you can access the online casinos with ease and, in the opinion of many people, these cibercasinos provide as much emotion as traditional casinos, but in different ways. If you are considering joining the millions of online players around the world below will show you the best reason to.
Reason n. # 1: You can play online casino games for free

Sorry to say, but there is no free tables in casinos. If you want to play a hand or make a roll, you have to use money. Therefore, we have a great advantage in online casinos, where you can play for free. All you have to do to start playing at online casinos for free to create an account by providing various data. Some players enjoy playing for free just to play with money!
Reason n. # 2: Online casinos are great for beginners

If you have never practiced a casino game specifically, learning difficulty increases at a traditional casino. After all, there are more experienced players at tables and some are angry with beginners who do not understand the rules and protocols of the games. This contrasts with the online casinos, where play yourself and you can learn the mechanics of each game without any added pressure. Also, do not have to spend money while learning the game, as mentioned in the ratio n. # 1.
Reason n. # 3: The bonds are very generous

A great advantage of playing at online casinos is that they offer large bonuses to players. Just to register and make a deposit at an online casino gives you the chance to win a registration bonus. The rewards do not end there as the online casinos give players the opportunity to obtain many bonds by subsequent deposits and VIP programs. These bonuses are, no doubt, a great incentive offered by online casinos, as they allow players to exchange VIP points earned real money. In addition, the competitions to get the best scores are also very popular because the winners receive great prizes.
Reason n. # 4: Online casinos allow very low stakes

Not everyone is a high roller you can perform high stakes and stay in Las Vegas in luxurious rooms. In fact, some do not even have to make a minimum bet of $ 5 on the traditional casino tables. This is another advantage of online casinos, and you can find the lowest stakes possible in these online casinos. For example, many games of blackjack, roulette and Fortune Baccarat allow betting $ 1, which gives the possibility to participate more players. With stakes so low, you can actually adjust their funds and play longer.
Reason n. # 5: You can play at your own pace

It is nice to feel depressed when you have to take important decisions on a table. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about this subject with the online casino games, and playing at their own pace. Unless you play live blackjack no other players to worry about, so you can take the time you want during the games. In addition, the software is the dealer, which means that the dealer will its rhythm. Therefore, it could go to have a snack in the middle of an online match and return to continue where you left off.
Reason n. # 6: Players do not have to travel to online casinos

An important reason that makes players are not going to enjoy their favorite casino games in person is the cost of the trip. Fortunately, the only trip you need to do in the online casinos is to your computer, allowing you to save money. Moreover, do not have to book a hotel room or spend money on food while playing at online casinos, as it probably is in your own home.
Reason n. # 7: Online casinos offer peace and tranquility

Those who are naturally sociable enjoy visiting casinos, because they play with other people around. However, many others prefer to play in private, where they can find peace and quiet. Online casinos offer this privilege as it can play in private with no one around. This is not only relaxing, but it lets you focus all your attention on the game without having to be distracted by other reasons.
Reason n. # 8: You can play several games at once

It is physically impossible to play at a blackjack table and the slot at a time … unless you are in an online casino. Many online casinos allow players to open multiple tables, so you can play two or more different games at a time (MTT). It also allows you, if you want to focus on a particular game, playing simultaneously in its different variants. Its charm is that you can toggle it with your favorite slots whenever seeking extra excitement.
N.9 Reason: Do not tip the dealers

Tipping the dealers from time to time is considered polite and is part of the casino games. However, you also have to remember to tip the dealers lowers any possible benefit you can get. For example, say you earn $ 100 in blackjack in 10 hours, but it gives the dealer a tip of $ 5 per hour. With simple math, you will see that tipping gains have eroded leaving them in half. This does not mean that tipping the dealers are a scam, but certainly can save some money in this sense playing in online casinos.
Reason n. # 10: The customer service is easily accessible

Instead of having to go through the casino looking for someone who can answer your questions you can use email, phone or live chat to talk with the customer service of the online casino. The phone and live chat are very suitable because they allow you to speak with someone right away. Moreover, most agents customer service of the online casinos are very knowledgeable and give precise answers to your questions.

As you can see, there are many reasons to play at online casinos, and all you have to worry about is the few minutes it takes to complete the data to open an account and make a deposit.

Casino bonus code without deposit and special coupon First, there are the bonus codes. This is a very good way to benefit from a free bonus. We offer you on our website. We specially negotiate with the casinos to allow you to take advantage of very advantageous offers. But be aware that you can find it on other online casino guides. To take advantage of it, you just have to enter the bonus code provided by our site or another one at the time you register on the casino. You will then have to wait until the money is credited so that you can start playing. If the bonus code did not work, you can also contact casino customer service who will be happy to advise you. Nevertheless, as we said above, the no deposit casino bonus codes do not allow you to have huge sums of money. Their amount oscillates between 10 and 60 euros maximum maximum. Also, it is important to note that these bonuses may be associated with certain conditions. For example, you will have to scrupulously fulfill wagering requirements in order to enjoy the full bonus and withdraw the winnings earned with this bonus. It is also important to know that some casino no deposit bonuses will only be available on a specific type of games, such as a special bonus slot machine.

The Best Craps Bonuses

rubyslots-freechips-casinos Craps is a game that scares the casino players and especially in Europe. This is strange because in Asia, for example, it is roughly appreciated by players who do not hesitate to play colossal sums when they are at the table and it can take tens of hours. In the US, craps are a popular game, and that's why in Atlantic City's land-based casinos you'll find a lot of tables dedicated to gambling. The craps record is held by an American who answers the name of Patricia Demauro, who spent more than 4 hours on a craps table, she made 153 consecutive winners, which is extraordinary, before losing in the 154th. Unfortunately for her, it was not online because otherwise she could have taken a usable bonus for craps and earned even more money.

Online Craps

Online, craps is a delightful game, and it is not we who affirm it but the players who are all largely seduced when they decide to play from their computer. What we know is that the bonuses help them tremendously to hold the shock against a game that is not that easy to master. In any case, that is what one believes but in the end, it is not necessarily true. Initially, craps may frighten you with rules you will not immediately understand but once you get caught up in the game, then you will realize that it will be simple, very simple.

Craps bonuses

As in all the games you will find in online casinos, you will have specialized bonuses. For craps, it's a bit special because at the moment, you do not have a large percentage of players who try it, it's for this reason that often the casinos collect the bonuses under the name " Bonus table game "and it is with these that you can totally play craps. Inevitably, these bonuses will benefit you, it is a certainty. As in all games, they will help you play longer and at the casino, time plays in your favor. Of course, you know, you will have conditions to respect but that, you know, and again, these conditions are not so terrible as what some players say, rest assured. Our selection only for you
In our table, you only have bonuses that are dedicated to craps or at least table games. You see that there are significant bonuses, with nice rates that can bring you some nice surprises but for this you will have to deposit. If you do not yet know the bonuses and their universe, let yourself be tempted once and if you liked the experience, then try again there. You'll see that you quickly get a taste of the bonus in an online casino.
Other bonuses just for you
After a good deal of online craps, what do you want to play? No idea ? So in this case, you can quite find inspiration by observing our bonus list:

Dealer Online: why it is better

Online casinos are experiencing an increase in popularity, and this is due largely to the development of online casino games with live dealer. These games offer the best technology related to the game and the attention of live casino dealers located in safe play places around the world. Not only the players enjoy the benefits of casino games with live dealer, but this fact is not going unnoticed by the affiliates. Players are drawn inevitably by games live dealer casino, due to the fact that this does not have to rely on RNG system to determine the results of the casino games. Now can rely on real people who are playing in safe places. These people are real croupiers trained in management techniques in casinos in relation to this area. Many major online casinos offer casino games and live dealer. These include casino operators and other operators confidence game.
The advantages dwe casino games with live dealer

The online casino games offered traditional highly interactive entertainment, including table games, card games, slots, instant win games and other games. However, these games do not offer players the experience of Vegas style they are accustomed to when frequenting casinos. The live dealer games are available instantly with the best gaming software developers worldwide. These include: Microgaming, RealTime Gaming, Playtech and Cryptologic gaming among others. Players can expect to enjoy high definition video, stunning statistics, graphics quality and a growing selection of casino games.

The live dealer games also offer players additional advantages: among these include advanced levels of interaction that players can expect to have with other players in these live dealer casinos. By registering at, players will realize that the live dealers use very large letters on their behalf. For players is a much more personalized. This is due to the fact that they can preselect their favorite live dealer. and other online casino operators provide their clients featured charming croupiers. All they have to do is select players to their favorite dealer, and these also very nice. Talk animatedly with players on all kinds of casino rules, strategies, tips, tricks and even will chat with players in real time.
Are the casinos with live dealer casinos better than real?

Gamblers have raised the question: are the games live dealer casino best casino games to the traditional style of Las Vegas? The answer to this question can have several possibilities. There are many advantages to frequent the best casinos in the world, among which are included in the environment imbued these luxurious places and to experience the game in its entirety. There is nothing like the charm of the luxurious casinos adorning Las Vegas Boulevard. However, for people who can not afford to travel to places of game preferred casino games with live dealer is the alternative preferred reduced price. Thus, among the benefits of this option is a drastic reduction of costs (travel expenses, accommodation, meals and fees) without having to sacrifice some potential pot collection try to get. The best answer to this question as the players seems to be this: the experience of playing live dealer casinos equates to do in casinos.

The best casinos to enjoy casino bonus without deposit

The casino bonuses without deposit is good, but still must be able to use them on a reliable and honest online casino! Hey yes if an online gambling site offers you a bunch of bonuses to make money but do not pay you in the event of winnings, then its free casino bonus will not serve much. That's why we have chosen to put at your disposal a ranking of the best casinos in the market offering free bonuses to the players. In our online casino list with no-deposit bonus, you'll find popular casinos such as La Riviera Casino, King Casino, Win Palace Casino no deposit bonus codes, Euro King, Golden Lion Casino, Midas Casino, in short, serious casinos that will honor Easy payments. Enjoy!

Other bonuses just for you

Deposit-free bonuses are so popular by players but they do not realize that they will not be able to win a lot with it. The best for you is therefore to go for a ride on our other articles to find more "bankable" bonuses:

The best bonuses at Sic Bo

The sic bo is a game that is not yet well known to the gambling population in Europe simply because it was not allowed until some time ago in some European countries, Any case in land casinos. In France, you will not find a casino that welcomes you. You are therefore obliged to go to an online casino to play, which between us, and much more advantageous for you. Anyway, it's a shame because the sic bo is really a game that deserves to be put forward, we adore the principle of the game. If you have had the curiosity to read the rules of the game we have published, we are sure that you are also interested in sic bo. After all, if that was not the case, you would probably not be there, wanting to find a bonus for this game, would not you?

The sic bo looks like roulette

That's what the experts say and we totally agree, the sic bo is a little Asian roulette if you can say even if it is still more popular, even on the continent Asian. This is because sic bo is a game that originated in China. The principle of the game is almost the same as roulette except that instead of the wheel and the ball, you have a bell and dice. We really invite you to read the rules of the game which have been written by our specialists and which will give you, we are convinced, all the explanations you lack to start a game.
The bonus to sic bo
When you play sic bo in real mode, you're going to have to put money on the table. The bets you make are you who decide them of course but it is nevertheless necessary to know that when you have a bonus, it is of course simpler to play important bets since your budget is simply more "powerful". You have quite interesting bonuses that are listed in our table. We invite you to activate them. If you do not know which one to choose, then why not all try it. To do this, you simply have to go to the casino review that we designed especially for you. Then you can sign up and finally, once the registration is complete, you will go to the casino of your casino to get your bonus.
Please note that all of the bonuses we presently offer are deposit bonuses, that is, you must deposit money into your casino account before claiming the bonus. If you have any trouble with the bonus or its activation, then you can ask for help from the customer service who will not hesitate to assist you during your actions.
Other bonuses just for you Do not confine yourself to a single game, because on our site you will get bonuses for almost all of them. Choose a section and enjoy yourself:

Videopoker: myths about the game

Most video poker superstitions revolve around the concept of Random Number Generator or RNG. Some players believe that some machines may be about to give prizes and instead, others may not be on a roll and give only losses. Others believe that will have a winning streak at one time, like video poker machines were programmed to win or lose. These machines are unprepared to benefit the players and to make them lose. The RNG is the fundamental component of all video poker machines, and an essential element regarding legalized gambling, to meet regulatory standards of the game.
Random Number Generators

The RNG run constantly, you play or not machines. Ensures a fair game, hence the meaning of the first letter, “Random”. Its function is to shuffle a deck of 52 cards, 53 if there is a wildcard, and shuffled until a player selects “spread” or “rule”. As a player you select to distribute the machine away the first 5 cards to the player and continues shuffling, and will do so until the player returns to stop. To determine the random numbers, a machine is programmed using a calculation formula. The numbers may be subject to a statistical check from time to time to assess the efficiency of the machine. Generators can be affected by temperature, the time you have the device, the power supplier voltage or errors in the hardware or software.

The good or bad times are not math and video poker machines they are, at the least in the way it is programmed RNG. With video poker cards through RNG performed a total of 2.6 million combinations. Players who think they can find a machine that is on a roll or having a bad run are using their emotions to plan their next move in the video poker. Realistically, a machine may have a higher temperature when it has been used for a long time, but it has nothing to do with winning or losing. Often, a player will say that a machine is on a roll or not because win or lose. These terms are only worth speaking figuratively.

A machine is never “ready” to win, and grants players winning streaks. If a player has three aces, may think that the machine will make the fourth ace. The RNG works by combining letters. In a deck of 52 cards combinations are more losers than winners. Therefore, the video poker streaks are false due to NRG. It is important to remember that players gusts idea comes to mind of the players have played once. Before playing, players can have “hunches” with those who believe that they will win.

The gut can work or not, but unrelated to the calculation of the RNG. In addition, players can assume that if they use their membership cards to slots have lower profits. This may perhaps be one of the worst things a player may think. These cards have no connection with the RNG. Players can use them without fear that they will earn less when at a given time are making good money. Among the advantages of using membership cards for slot casino are additional gifts or prizes.

Other players believe they can do away with the winning cards, such as when the machine shows a royal flush or poker aces, so that the casino does not realize that the player has won. The platform video poker machine is programmed to communicate. As soon as you get a winning combination immediately creates the appropriate credit, which will be accompanied by fun music players for quite a while after the credits are applied.
Further explanation of myths of Joker poker

Although players have their own theories about how to be dealt the cards, the RNG always work the same way the initial deal the cards or discards. After the initial deal, when it comes time ruled out the RNG stops shuffling the cards remaining. The player is given the letters that correspond to the top of the deck. Each hand is obtained exclusively from its own deck due to RNG. Players have to remember that when changing from a hand of poker to three hands, should consider three hands in the same way as that of a. Many can understand that you have many more winning combinations in a game with three hands but nevertheless equally random hands.

In winning combinations, players usually like to keep their cards higher. These letters serve as a tiebreaker. If two players have two kings each and another also has a queen, the queen will break the tie unless the other player has also another queen. In video poker, we recommend players to get rid of the high cards and find the option to get the best hand with three instead of two kings. The “Triple Double Bonus” video poker game, may be an exception. Players will want to develop strategies before you start playing games triple or double bond to ensure the greatest benefits.
Living on Joker poker

Most players will never be one of the final nine players participating in the World Series of Poker. Assume that poker video poker casino or generate enough income to survive is a utopia. Experts suggest that anyone who raises a career in poker the first thing to do is to raise funds. All the best poker players have one thing, if not more, in common. This common element is playing with a mathematical mind which identify specific strategies to win. They also have a great deal of patience, ranging from be playing at the tables for hours to put up with people like the casino employees, who can be rude or abrupt with the players. Everyone plays for fun and so sober. Good poker players can afford to play.

Free spins to win even more

rubyslots-freechips-casinos Before selecting any of the offers from our partner casinos, you would be well advised to ask you what a Free Spins bonus is. In fact, Free Spins are free spins that allow you to play longer on one or more slot machines. Free Spins are awarded through credits that are generously offered to you by casinos. To obtain credits giving rise to free spins, no deposit is normally required. If Free Spins often allow you to discover and test a slot machine you do not know, nothing prevents users from spending it on a slot machine by playing real money. In this case, they will enjoy all the advantages inherent to an online game: if they win thanks to the Free Spins, they will be able to keep them and increase their bonus, provided they meet a certain number of obligations. We invite you to get in touch with the operators on this subject.

Real Time Gaming Casino Bonus

RTG is a software provider that runs a lot of online casino. He is known for offering some of the most important bonuses on the market and attracts many new players. Most RTG bonuses are available using a code. An important part of the notoriety of the casinos real time gaming is done on the importance and the diversity of their bonuses.

The purpose of casino bonuses Real Time Gaming Casino

Real time gaming casinos offer many different bonus types. These bonuses serve casinos to attract new players but also to retain the oldest. There is a fierce competition in the online casino industry which explains why casinos are constantly improving their offers, the same is true for casinos real time gaming that offer in different forms and amount.

Bonus Feature Real Time Gaming Casino

Most RTG casinos offer standard welcome bonuses but also for subsequent deposits. Welcome bonuses are known to be the most important on the market. They range from 100euros up to 1000. The biggest offer is a 999% bonus!

Real Time Gaming bonus codes

In addition to significant bonuses, Real Time Gaming casinos are well known for their code bonus. These codes can be redeemed for free bonuses. These types of code are readily available and there are different types.
How to use the casino code bonuses Real Time Gaming Casino
To credit your bonus account you must first download the RTG software and register as a new player. Once done you have to go into the "cashier" section of the casino and enter the bonus code at the reserved place and click on "Redeem". These bonuses are simple and practical to use. Generally the bonus is credited immediately. Before entering the bonus code you have to be careful about 2 things. First, enter the code exactly as it appears (lowercase / uppercase), then you must be sure to enter the code then click "redeem" before depositing money into your account.
In the event of an error, you can contact customer service, which will help you to solve the problem.
Other bonuses just for you
The bonuses of the developer RTG are really renowned but rest assured, they are not the only ones. Here is a selection of first-choice bonuses that you should absolutely use, you will not regret it: