Stratosphere Las Vegas Casino

The Stratosphere Las Vegas, located on the Las Vegas Strip, is a hotel and casino only. The Stratosphere Tower, which measures 1,149 feet (350 m) high, is the tallest structure in the state of Nevada and the second tallest structure west of the Mississippi River in the United States. Ccuenta Tower revolving restaurant and lounge, indoor and outdoor some viewpoints, spa and restaurant and various attractions.

Visitors to the tower up to the viewpoints of the top in less than 30 seconds in elevators traveling at 549 m (1,800 feet) per minute or three floors a second. For those seeking adrenaline rushes, three options are available: Insanity-The Ride, X Scream and Big Shot. They are among the world’s highest attractions – 281 m (921 ft) tall!

The tower also offers restaurants to eat with a great view of Las Vegas, known as Sin City, 244 m (800 ft) above the Strip. You can taste the award-winning cuisine at the restaurant on top of the world or other places to eat, including Crazy Armadillo Oyster Bar, the Courtyard Buffet, Roxy’s Diner, Lucky’s Cafe, the Hamada Asian Village and Fellini’s Ristorante Italiano.

The Stratosphere offers players a casino of 24,384 square meters (80,000 feet), with more than 50 table games, including poker, blackjack, European roulette and craps and more than 1,500 slot machines and machines to play video poker. The casino also has an area to bet on their favorite sport and Keno.

The reference point of Las Vegas offers 2,444 rooms and suites. The rooms are a decent size, clean and the price per night is a good deal. The upgraded rooms, the viewpoint and fun make it a good place to stay. The worst thing, however, is the distance from the hotel to where the action because it is located in the north end of the Strip, away from the most popular casinos.

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