St. James Club Casino

Located somewhere between Paradise and the Garden of Eden, the St. James Club Casino is one of the most elegant resorts worldwide. The St. James Club was built on a peninsula of 100 acres, located in the magnificent Caribbean Sea.

At night, the casino is the most attractive in the city. With 56 máquinastragaperras five blackjack tables, roulette, stud poker and more, the magnificent casino is the center of all the action. You can even see some famous, some of the biggest names in the world of sports, entertainment, politics and royalty have frequented the St. James Club Casino.

The resort is situated in the exclusive area of ​​Mamora Bay, offering everything and other things you may be looking at a tourist destination.

You’ll feel like a king when you’re in the St. James Club. The Mamora Beach Water Sports Center offers a variety of activities including windsurfing, pedal boats, snorkeling and kayaking. The resort also offers four luxurious pools for visitors seeking other water activities.

The St. James Club also features a fitness center, kids club, tennis courts, volleyball, table tennis and croquet if looking for physical activities. In addition, the resort is located near a golf course with 18 holes and tee times can be programmed through the hotel.

The St. James Club is considered one of the most important tourist centers of the world, but once you visit you’ll notice that the treatment and vacations at this resort are completely the unseen.

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