Live Blackjack

Blackjack Live dealer is one of the best additions to the online gaming market since the first online casino was launched in the 1990s.

All online casinos have blackjack managed by the software, but now you can find those that offer live sellers that are displayed using Internet technology and real-time cameras, all in live blackjack tables.

In most cases, it’s the same as sitting in your local casino and playing blackjack, but you never have to leave your house. You can even play while traveling with your tablet or smartphone.

Live blackjack online has finally arrived. Once you have tried it, you will never return to your old casinos.

An online blackjack online game must strike a balance between two extremes. It can not physically have all the factors involved in a game in the real world and, at the same time, designers are pushing to move away from the standard digital format only. For now, they seem to have found a great commitment. You always have an image of a table that only exists in cyberspace. It’s an important tool for making bets and making sure the game goes well. However, your screen also has a box for transmitting videos, in which you can see a real croupier who runs the game.

Live Dealer BlackjackIn addition to the casino sites mentioned above, we can also recommend you take a look at the exclusive offer of many online Evolution games, NetEnt slot machines and much more. However, they do not accept US players. UU

These games do not use a set of cheap pre-recorded videos to animate a computer-generated game. The video you see is a live feed from a distributor that specifically runs your live blackjack game from a remote location. You can even chat with them if you are not convinced. Blackjack with live dealers like this brings you as close to the fun and exciting casino experience as you expect. It really seems like they can forward a real casino directly to your home! In addition to blackjack, most of these sites offer other table games such as live roulette and live baccarat.

Live Blackjack for US UU Players

Live Blackjack friendly sites in the United States. Although they are the most important market for live blackjack, players in the United States have fewer options to play live blackjack than players from other countries. This is largely due to the hostile legal environment in the United States since the approval of the UIGEA (the Law on Illegal Internet Gambling Enforcement) of 2006.

It should be noted that the UIGEA does not make it illegal for US citizens to play online. This makes it illegal for banks and credit card processors to conduct transactions for illegal gambling purposes. State laws vary, however, consult a reliable source of information about the laws in your state for more information.

At present, Microgaming is one of the largest providers of live games and does not accept players from most US states. UU

The best way to know which online casinos accept US players is to follow the tips on this site or visit the homepage of the individual casinos. We offer live casino pages available to US players. UU

Here are some specific recommendations:

Visionary iGaming now offers three of its live games on Rich Casino and 21 Dukes Casino. Both casinos belong to the same company and offer similar game interfaces.

Global Gaming Labs has been operating for a long time in the US market and its partners BetOnline Casino and 5Dimes Casino are among them. We believe this is the best live blackjack platform available.

That is why:

Its blackjack variants offer the most user-friendly rules in the industry. These rules include the option to duplicate after dividing and folding into two cards. The croupier is also in the soft 17, which favors the player. The house advantage for these games is 0.41%, but only if you follow a perfect basic strategy.

Live Blackjack in other countries

Play live blackjack with friendly casino distributors. Each country has its own set of laws and rules relating to online gaming. These laws create a situation in which some live casinos are available in some areas and are not available in other regions.

You must investigate the laws in your country before playing with real money.

If you do not know what online casinos propose to play in your country, a quick and easy way to know is to see if you can make a deposit. If you can get money at an online casino, offer games where you live. This does not always mean it’s legal, but in most countries players do not have to worry about criminal prosecution.

Most countries are more interested in owners and operators, not gamers when they start trying to close online casinos. But that does not mean you’ll be safe just because other players have been.

Contact a lawyer or lawyer if you have questions or concerns.
Variations of the game

One of the things you’ll see when playing online blackjack that you do not see often in a land-based casino is the wide variety of options and rules.

We assume it is similar to visiting several different land based casinos, each offering different rules and configurations, but there seems to be a wide variety of options available online. This could be because it’s so easy to switch from one casino to another.

Here is a list of some of the options available for the online blackjack game.

Number of decks: Most online games use 6 or 8 decks, but you can also find 7 decks from time to time.

One to many or one to one: Most live dealer blackjack tables are set up with plenty of seating like your local casino. But some software providers offer what they call one or more tables.

In a one-to-many table, the dealer takes bets from so many players who want to play and distribute a hand that each player uses.

Get up or hit 17 – As in your local casino, dealers will hit or stay in a soft 17 according to the rules of the house.

Other rules: Other rules include the ability to duplicate two cards or only some totals, how many times you can split, if you can hit split aids and if you can surrender.

The limits of bets

All casinos, both online and on land, set their betting limits based on a number of factors.

The casinos also have the limits of the bets posted on their tables and the actual limits that they are ready to use for the real big players.

You probably will not see any sign that a casino will accept a million dollar bet, but you can probably find casinos that do it.

If you want to play at an upper limit in a land-based casino, ask the dealer or the pit boss. When playing online, it can be harder to get high limits. You can contact the help desk, but do not plan to do it correctly.

Some of the highest live blackjack limits can be found at Guts Casino and RedBet Casino. Both offer the opportunity to bet up to $ 2,000 per hand. But the highest I’ve seen is the $ 5,000 per hand offered by BetOnline Casino.

If you play only 50 hands per hour, you will bet $ 100,000 per hour at $ 2,000 per hand, and $ 250,000 per hour at $ 5,000 per hand. So be careful when you start playing at the highest limits.
Software Providers

Just as you can find online casinos that use software from a wide range of providers, you can find live blackjack games offered by different software companies. Below you will find the list of the most popular dealer companies with a brief summary of the games they offer. You can also find more details about each provider on our live blackjack comparison page.

Evolution Gaming: Evolution Gaming is one of the best known online gaming software providers. Currently, they offer four different blackjack games, including two different VIP tables.

Some of the rules and options available in one or more of the four variants of Evolution Gaming Blackjack include double 9 to 11, double on any private table, the ability to hit split Aces, divided hands, surrender and some casinos They offer secondary bets.

Live Exclusive Bet uses Evolution Gaming software.

Global Gaming Labs: Global Gaming Labs offers a 7-player multiplayer blackjack table game that uses a shoe of 8 decks, does not divide, surrenders, can double two cards, can not touch split ace, can be doubled the dealer in soft 17.

Right now, they only offer a live blackjack game.

Microgaming: Microgaming offers a unique live dealer option that is a 7-place multiplayer game with an 8-story shoe. The dealer is in soft 17, players can not double after the division, can only double the totals of 9, 10 and 11, and can touch split aces.

With Evolution Gaming listed above, Microgaming is one of the two largest and most popular live dealer options.

Playtech – Playtech offers five different live blackjack games. Its standard game uses an 8-story, 7-seater shoe, offers a Perfect Pairs side bet, can only be split once, can double on two cards, and can be folded after the split.

They also offer a game called Ultimate Blackjack that they called Unlimited Blackjack. It is distributed from an 8-deck shoe and is designed to offer one to several games instead of having a number of players at the table.

Visionary iGaming: Visionary iGaming is a newcomer to the live blackjack market but offers a regular game and a patented game variant.

His usual game is a 7-seater table in a 6-storey shoe that allows the dealer to touch 17 units, no division, no hit on the As Split, the ability to fold after two divisions and double on two cards.

The owner’s game is called Early Payout Blackjack and is designed for you to play the usual basic strategy game or you can receive prepayment based on the odds of success. The game is distributed one to many from a 6-story shoe.

I always enjoy watching new games and patented games and Early Payout is one that I recommend to try. Give a clean touch to blackjack and offer another option for the way you play each hand.

Two famous online casinos that offer live blackjack with Visionary iGaming solutions are 21 Dukes Casino and Rich Casino.

Casino Hold’em: the popular poker game joins the selection of live games

As already mentioned, the three classic games, roulette, blackjack and baccarat are found in almost all live casinos. However, in recent years, the popular poker game, Casino Hold’em has become a regular feature of more and more online casinos. This version of the game is a variant of Texas Hold’em with players competing against the dealer rather than others. The live version does not differ from the normal version of the game and can join an unlimited number of players. The game begins by placing a bet before, after which 2 cards are dealt to the player and the dealer (the dealer’s cards face down) and three community cards are placed on the table. At this point, you can call to continue playing or withdrawing. To call, you must make another bet, which is double the initial bet. By doubling, you will lose all the money you have already bet. Then the dealer continues to distribute two other community cards, called “giro” and “río”. At this point, the dealer reveals his cards and determines the winner.

In addition to the initial bet, players have the opportunity to place a AA bonus bet. This is valid if a couple of aces or more are distributed in the first 5 cards. The minimum payout for a winning bet is 7: 1, and can reach up to 100: 1, depending on the cards to show up. It is also interesting to know that cobrarás the bonus payment, whether you win the game or not. Betting limits in the game vary by the operator with a minimum stakes anywhere between 50p and £ 10 are also available in some high stakes casinos, with maximum bets up to £ 7,500 possible.

Three Card Poker: a recent addition to the Live Game collection

3 Card Poker is a relatively new card game, which was invented in 1994. Currently, the game can only be found in a selection of live casinos provided by Evolution Gaming, such as 888 Casino, William Hill, LeoVegas and M. Green. Unlike other poker variants, which are played with 5 cards, each poker hand is made up of only 3 cards. In addition, there are no community cards, your 3 cards compete completely with the hand of 3 cards of the dealer. With the smallest number of cards per hand, the odds of making certain combinations differ from other poker games. So, for example, in this game, three of a kind will beat a ladder. In addition, a scale of three cards exceeds the color.

To play, you must first make an initial bet. You will then receive 3 cards, with the dealer’s three cards face down. At this point, you can choose to play by placing another bet equivalent to your original bet, or you can withdraw, losing the money you have already bet. The dealer will then reveal his cards and the hands will be compared. The dealer must have one or more women on hand to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify, his bet is returned and the initial bet will pay 1: 1. If the hands are attached, the ante bets are returned and played. If you have the best hand, the game and the initial bet pay 1: 1.

A bonus is paid when you make a gamble bet and get a straight flush, a set or a flush on all three cards. There are also 2 bonus bets that can be placed before the cards are dealt. The bonus bet Peer Plus will pay from 1: 1 to 100: 1 for a pair or better on your 3 cards. The 6-card bonus is paid if you make a poker hand of 5 cards of 3 cards or better with a combination of your own cards and those of the dealer. The side bets Pair Plus and 6 Bonus Card will be paid, whether withdrawn or not, and the dealer wins the round.

How to play Live Craps

Useful tips for playing dice on live dealer tables.

Justifiably, Craps is considered to be one of the most dynamic and exciting live casino table games, and the player can expect almost without exception to see hordes of enthusiastic players and spectators around the table. Craps. Tensions and adrenaline from the casino’s craps table have been successfully translated into the casino’s live casino studios and few craps fans will have a reason to complain about the lack of authenticity. One of the benefits of Live Craps Online is, of course, more control than the player can exercise; Apart from that, there is no essential difference between the terrestrial version and the live version of Dealer Craps.

Basic rules of the living dice

One thing that differentiates Craps from other table games is the fact that the player is the one who starts the round and not the dealer (without considering the act of placing bets). In the live broadcast version, an agreement had to be reached for obvious reasons, and the table is usually organized by two distributors, one operating the device and the other rolling the dice on behalf of the online shooter.

The game starts when participants send bets by clicking on the corresponding chips, followed by the first round called Roll out. In the Live Table version, players have enough time to combine the chip value, eliminate the bet, or change the amount. When the bets are closed, the dealer rolls the dice and the total is announced by Stickman and enlarged and displayed on the screen for more transparency.

If the roll result is 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12, the turn ends; if, however, the “point” is thrown – the total is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 – the dice will be thrown again until 7 is the number of points reappears.

Types of Craps bets

Craps has a rich betting potential, offering great diversity when it comes to betting options. The most popular are Pass Line bets and Do not Pass which, depending on the casino, may be mandatory. They must be placed before the first roll and the player who bet on Pass Line wins if the total is 7 and the losses of 2, 3 and 12. The other values ​​establish a point and the new roll continues.

In the Do not Pass bet, players win in 2 and 3 and lose in 7 and 11; the total of 12 will cause a push.

Come and Do not Come bets are similar to the Pass and Do not Pass bets described above, however, they are placed once the point is already established, and not before. Betting on Ven, the bet is won on 7 and 11 and lost against 2, 3 and 12. With Do not Come, players win at 2 and 3 and lose at 7 and 11.

Probability bets can be considered as extensions of the previous four bets and are divided into odds of success, chances of not succeeding, chances of winning and chances of failing. Depending on the next roll, bets will win if the determined point is thrown or if it loses if a 7 falls on the table.

Place / Place Lose bets are also sent after the initial Come-Out roll. The bet will cover numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10, while number 7 will cost players their bet. Place Lose is the opposite and the player only wins if a 7 is drawn before the sequence of numbers mentioned above.

Buy is a variation of Place Win and you essentially bet that a number will be released before a total of 7. With Lay, the concept is reversed (players bet that 7 will be the first to arrive) and this bet comes with a commission 5%

The Big 6 / Big 8 are pretty self explanatory and the player even earns money if a 6 or 8 lands before a 7, respectively.

Hardways are double-dice numbers (two-four, two-three, etc.) that win if they arrive before 7. Bets on numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 are called a bet field and can bring a 1: 1 payment for 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 rolls or 2: 1 payment for 2 and 12 rolls.

Bets with the highest redistribution rates (and a bigger house advantage too) are called Proposition bets and include the following options:

All 7
All 11
All Craps
Any deuce

Craps beginners may find the number of betting options intimidating, but once you have gained experience, it becomes apparent that craps tables are still as complete. With a Live Dealer offer integrated into almost all online casinos, the Craps game is no longer out of bounds for online gamblers and an average online gambler can finally see what it’s all about.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is the latest high roll casino game. It has an aura of “class” in this regard, mainly because in real casinos, it is played in separate and curly halls that serve players of big bets who value their privacy.

Now, with the advent of live streaming technology, you can get all the glamor and intimacy you want, from the comfort of your home!

The live casinos listed below are ranked according to the speed of the games, the quality of the live stream and the limits of the table. Our number 1 recommendation is dublinbet, which offers 180 incredible games per hour, 3 games per minute! And since the stream comes directly from a real casino (Fitzwilliam casino in Dublin), you know that the games are 100% authentic.

Two of our top five Live Baccarat casinos (Eagle Club and 138) share the excellent HoGaming stream. Bodog88 has invested heavily in its own live stream and offers a wide variety of Live Baccarat games, including Baccarat Zone and Super 6. William Hill Live and Guts both use the ingenious live stream of Evolution Gaming, William Hill has the benefit of a table limit of £ 10,000.

If you are unsure of Baccarat rules, or the right strategy to give you the best chance of winning, we recommend reading our Baccarat guide.