Located in Macau, where East and West meet, the Hotel Lisboa is one of the major casino hotels in the world. The architecture and design are simply elegant hotel incríbles. The Lisbon is considered the benchmark of the Macau casino.

There is a reason why the Lisbon hotel has earned the be described as the city within the city. The center hotel boasts of offering not only first class bid on the selection of casino games available, it is the largest casino in the city. It also has 13 different restaurants for visitors to choose from during your stay in la’ciudad ‘.

The hotel has almost a thousand rooms available that offer magnificent views of the South China Sea and Macau’s highlights as the Macao Tower and the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Lisboa Hotel Casino has the largest selection of slot machines and gaming tables throughout the city. A swimming pool, a fitness room and sauna are a few of the extra privileges available to hotel guests.

In the casino, is even more noticeable the thematic meeting between east and west. The popular casino games offered at West Lisbon hotel, for example, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and slot machines. Players can also find oriental favorites such as Big and Small, Fantan and others.

There are even activities for children: The children’s amusement park can entertain the youngest guests of the hotel while their parents enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or stroll looking shops.

A hotel that finally lives up to its reputation, Lisbon is truly a city within the city. I could enjoy the whole holiday here and not get to see all the sites, but do not worry, so have a great excuse to come back next time.