Casino.Com is an online casino run by MANSION Online Casino Ltd. The casino is hosted in Gibraltar, but is open to visitors from around the world. uses a downloadable client which is a very small download (less than 200 KB) and should only take a few seconds even with a relatively slow connection. Installation is simple, and to launch the client will be given the opportunity to register and you can play in minutes. The list of games is huge. To save bandwidth and space on your hard drive, just downloaded by default the most popular games, pert all you have to do to the other games is to click on the download button and downloaded and installed for you to play when you want.

I was shocked to see that the client did not trigger any warning in my virus checker or Windows Defender. Often legitimate casino software can enable warnings, so either checking antivirus heuristic has improved recently, or has done a very good job with your client software.

The client works fine in both XP and Vista, and is very lightweight. You can have it open in the background and play slots while working and you should not notice any change in system performance. For security reasons, the client logs off if left idle for a few minutes. has free play options and gambling. The free play option only requires you to provide your name and email address, while the money game requires more data to prove your identity and confirm their age.

Impressed security. The details of the account used randomly generated complex networks that should be difficult to guess by fraudsters. Of course, this does not replace your due diligence when it comes to protecting your account, but it is good to see that onlinen casinos companies are serious about the security of their accounts.

If you forget your password, send an email to their support staff and answer a lot of questions to get your password. On one hand, this is quite annoying if you just want to log on and play, but on the other hand, good to know you have to prove your identity to reset your password, especially when involved financial data.

As I said, the list of games available on is huge. Includes single player games like slots, roulette and blackjack along with the standard poker game “live”. The graphics are simple but clean and looking profesonal. The client uses 2D graphics and should work on any machine. If you are looking for superb graphics may feel disappointed. The customer is not ornate, but provides a great range of games and a client clean and easy to use will work even on an old laptop.

At this time, offers a sign up bonus of 100% on deposits up to $ 200, along with a reload bonus of 25%, giving you the chance to get $ 50 extra when you recharge your account. The casino also provides a “happy hour” every Tuesday and Thursday between 18:00 and 19:00 GMT, the first time you deposit $ 50, the casino will match that deposit. Some of these promotions are short-term deals, but there are new offers, bonuses and rewards that are added regularly. also has a comp points plan. This is a bit like frequent flyer plans, and rewards people who regularly use the role casino money play. You earn 1 comp point for gambling in the casino, and can convert your Comp Points into cash with which to bet. Unlike many plans casino comp points you can earn and spend their comp points on all games offered by

If you are a regular player, you may be entitled to VIP Clubu, this gives many benefits, including opportunities to be invited in certain sporting events in the UK, “insurance” against loss, with which you can return a certain percentage of their losses, and bonuses and special rewards only for VIP Club members. The site does not mention how much you have to play every month for membership, unfortunately, but it sounds like a nice bonus if you already played enough to qualify for it. However, I would not recommend playing more just because I expect to be entitled to an invitation. provides much informaicón on their website about their payment methods and standards to which it adheres casino. They are committed to fair play and use Random Number Generators normal in the industry. Payments can be made through credit cards, uKash, Neteller, and Moneybookers. is a good unvarnished casino page. Comuniad Lacks a combined lounge casino / bingo, and lack of sports betting options can frustrate those who prefer to have all gambling activities in one place, but generally does a good job. The happy hour bonus is a nice addition, and balances the value of casino it’s worth. I’d like to see more options for tournaments but for the casual casino player who simply want to have a great selection of games and get good returns on their deposits, is a good choice.

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Our High Roller ranking Download Slots Madness Casino As you can see in our chart, we have listed the most important bonuses that we consider to be the most advantageous. What we advocate, if you are a player of course, is to try them all. For that, you will only have one entry in all the casinos to be carried out. For some of you, this can be annoying, but in reality it will only take you a few minutes. Note that all the bonuses have already been tried by the editor and that you will be sure to get what is registered on our site. Other bonuses just for you On our site, you have for sure, a whole lot of rubrics to visit, but why not start with those concerning the bonuses? Here they are all listed:

The best bonuses for Joker poker

Do not get me wrong, we're not talking about poker here, but video poker, which clearly has nothing to do with it. Video poker, we're sure you've checked a little on it before you start your game, it sounds more like a slot machine mixed with a poker game. The goal of the game is simple, you have to get after two draws of up to 5 cards a quite powerful combination that allows you to enter the winnings table. Instead of playing against other players, you play against the system, which for some is much more comfortable. On the other hand, just like for slot machines, here you will have a nice "park" of bonuses just for you and that is quite interesting, believe us.

Video poker bonuses

For some games, you would be entitled to ask yourself if the bonuses are interesting, in which case you would realize that yes, they are, but for video poker games, we really think that playing without bonus would be almost a mistake Do not commit. You should know that video poker is a fairly simple game in itself, because if you think a little bit, you will be able to make attractive combinations that can yield a lot of money. The first thing to do with the bonuses is therefore to wager more since in this way you will win more money in the innings that will be to your advantage. If you couple that with a game at the end, the one we call it quits or doubles, then you're pretty much persuaded to make a profit at the end of the game. But where the bonuses are going to be widely useable and wisely, it's when you go to choose a different game mode, we of course want to talk about the multi hand mode that the bonuses will take their full meaning. Indeed, during the multi hands mode, when you make a bet, you will have to do it on all hands which will inevitably increase your total bet considerably. If you have a bonus to activate, this one will allow you to play with this mode without necessarily "typing" in your budget. On our site
You have several thousand euros bonus listed on our site and it is to help you that we do this because we know that when you are video poker players it is not necessarily easy to find specialized bonuses, Even if more and more establishments are paying attention to you, as video poker is becoming more and more popular.
Our team is always looking for new opportunities for you, which means that you should include this page in your favorites and so visit it more often to always be aware of what is happening in the fascinating world of bonuses for players Of video poker.

Other bonuses just for you

Be sure that the bonuses we offer you are the best that exist on the market. If you want more, we have something to satisfy you, see the following list:

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