Skrill payment option

With more than 5 million users, Skrill (formerly known by its old name, Moneybookers) is one of the most popular electronic payment methods in the world and perhaps the most popular in casinos and online websites. sports bets

It is widely considered a safe, economical and convenient deposit and withdrawal platform; These advantages make Skrill one of the leading digital money services companies in Europe. Recently it has changed the name to its famous brand Moneybookers Skrill, moving to an offer that includes more and more payment facilities for consumers and merchants.

In particular, Skrill account owners can use their email address to send payments to anyone without revealing their financial details or bothering with these credit card numbers and endless codes. In this way, when transferring money to a Moneybookers casino cashier, all these details are no longer relevant.

Moneybookers casinos know that this option is so flexible that it gives users the option to fund their account by linking it to a regular bank account or their credit / debit card.
Open a Skrill account

As the leader of Skrill Casino, we are pleased to show you the easiest way to open an account at Skrill. To have your personal account, all you need to do is complete the form that you find following the corresponding link at the bottom of this page.

After successful registration, you can make a first deposit in your new Skrill account, which will be credited immediately and free of charge. Of course, other Skrill services involve fees.

Cash receipts can take up to two days, as they must first be approved by Skrill’s internal review team. Once you have made your first deposit, simply decide the size of the budget you wish to devote to your favorite Skrill casinos.

The PlayMillion box section is designed to make this simple and fast process as easy as possible for you, so you can start playing your favorite games immediately.

Skrill’s fees are completely transparent to its users. In this table, you will find the complete set of possible costs: A direct line in the United Kingdom will respond to your requests 7 days a week. Several international numbers are numbers available for fax inquiries.

You can find all this information at
Additional Skrill services

Many European users can benefit from a MasterCard directly linked to their Skrill fund balance. It has an annual fee of € 10 and facilitates the withdrawal of ATMs anywhere in the world.

If you want to open a Skrill account now, here is a useful link for you:

Neteller Payments

Neteller is a relatively new online payment system that is widely used by customers in more than 180 countries around the world.

The Neteller payment system is very popular with Internet users who like to play games. In fact, the vast majority of transactions in the Neteller payment system are related to online gambling of all kinds, casinos and betting. And Neteller also has a significant stake in this market.

Neteller is a type of electronic wallet online payment system. Any Neteller user can create an electronic wallet in one of the many currencies accepted by the system.

Among these currencies, users can find common dollars such as US dollars and Euros, as well as rare ones, such as the Ukrainian Hryvnya.

You can find a list of online casinos that accept Neteller on this page. It should be noted that among casino players, it is one of the most popular systems they use to withdraw their rewards for winning games at Neteller casinos.

Deposit options

Users can put money in their electronic wallet in Neteller in different ways:

Bank transfer transactions
Credit / debit cards
Other online payment systems such as Giropay, iDEAL, Ukash, Direct e-Banking or POLi

Experienced users of the system observe that these options and their availability may vary depending on the country of origin of the user. The reason is that Neteller aims to comply with the laws of the countries where its users come from. And since most transactions in Neteller are related to gambling, many governments naturally try to regulate it.

Neteller pays great attention to the security and privacy of the user. In fact, the key layer of security that Neteller provides to a user is the fact that there is no connection between the funds in Neteller eWallet and the money in their bank accounts.

But Neteller is doing more than that. All user transactions are protected by 128-bit encryption, as well as the constant monitoring of online transactions by the Neteller security team and identity verification.

Neteller has been successful in obtaining and maintaining the business status authorized by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the United Kingdom, which means that the users of this system are protected by the laws of the United Kingdom and the financial regulatory authorities of the United Kingdom. United. State.

Restricted countries

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Compatible currencies:

USD, ruble, euro, Swiss franc, krona, zloty, pound sterling, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Danish crown, Norwegian krone


Probably the best thing about Neteller are the withdrawal options. In addition to the ability to pay goods in a lot of online stores (including Amazon) Neteller offers great functionality: prepaid debit cards that support the MasterCard standard. In other words, any Neteller user can request a card that works like any other debit card in any ATM standard compatible with MasterCard (today, almost all ATMs accept MasterCard).

With such a card getting your rewards from an online casino is a matter of a dozen minutes with minimal fees and no hassle.
Awards and references

Neteller is a growing payment system and is eager to attract more users. And they have something to offer users:

Awards. For users who actively use Neteller for their online payments, there is a range of rewards that can be redeemed in real money in user accounts.
Reference programs If someone brings a new user to Neteller, you can get great rewards. Yes, they are real money, not smiles or teddy bears.

Not only can Neteller provide you with good bonuses for using it. For example, many casinos that accept Neteller offer users a 10% bonus for using Neteller.
Benefits of Neteller

Payments without interest for poker rooms.
Net + Prepaid MasterCard as a way to make quick withdrawals.
Possibility of instantly creating a virtual card for online use.
Possibility of sending funds to other Neteller users.
It is not necessary to show your Visa or MasterCard details

Click2Pay Payments

Click2Pay is undoubtedly one of the most used banking options, based on the latest encryption technologies and the highest standards of confidentiality. Not having to provide private information is one of the benefits that drives people to choose this electronic wallet and to adopt the Click 2 Pay Casino payment method.
Open a payment account Click2Pay

Registration is free and simple. To open an account, simply complete the form that you will find by following the link at the bottom of this page. Once the registration is approved, all user transactions can be easily performed and managed on the same website.

Click2Pay accounts can be financed with Visa, MasterCard and other transfer solutions. There is a minimum requirement of $ 20 per deposit. We recommend that you make an intensive use of the payment method of Click2Pay Casino, since the more you use it, the more you will be entitled to the benefits.

The entire universe of electronic commerce will be announced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your deposit will be immediately available to the merchant who receives your payment, so you can start playing at one of the Click2Pay casinos immediately. online.

The PlayMillion ATM will allow you to withdraw your winnings using this banking option, as easily as you made your first deposits in the Click2Pay casinos.

The Click2Pay site provides a complete set of detailed explanations. You can find it at, where you will click on the map to see a specific website adapted to your region (you can choose between 11 languages).

Telephone support is available by calling +49 (0) 180 5 113090 (your telephone company may charge you a fee for your call) and you can also write an email to If you feel more comfortable with an online contact form, you will find it at
Additional payment services with Click2Pay

While credit card transfers may be subject to a transaction fee of up to 3%, Ukash bank transfers and transfers are free, making it a more convenient method to fund your Click2Pay eWallet. You can also withdraw money by requesting a check sent to you for around € 20, but it will be much cheaper to use a Click2Pay debit card (which is a Maestro card), which costs around € 10) that can be used in millions of ATMs around the world. The bank transfer option is also available.

If you want to open a Click2Pay account now, here is a convenient link for you:

Ecopayz Payments

Digital wallets and mobile payment systems have redefined the way consumers treat their businesses and play online slot machines. Instead of worrying about comfort and security, online payment platforms have made life easier for consumers looking to shop online or for players who want to experience gaming and entertainment in the casino. EcoPayz, a company based in the United Kingdom, is a popular platform that facilitates global payment solutions. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, EcoPayz has become a secure provider of international payments, covering the needs of merchants and customers from different parts of the world. The company is mainly in the field of money transfers, with more than 45 currencies. With its secure platform, customers can receive and send payments instantly, anywhere in the world.

Throughout its history, EcoPayz has provided a variety of online financial services to merchants and individual customers, offering payment solutions for cards and accounts. Recently, the company launched a green card, designed as a prepaid card that can be used in conjunction with the customer’s green account. The card can be used in person or online when buying goods and services. The EcoPayz card works with 3 coins, allowing members to take control of their purchases. Customers can choose between 3 available currencies, in euros, US dollars and sterling. Creating an account is free and fast, and the interested customer will have to provide some personal details and the preferred currency to use. The company understands the importance of security in mobile payment solutions, so it has presented a process that allows customers to obtain the PIN code of the card in the company’s secure site. In 2014, the company also developed its own application, which allows customers to use and explore their accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using their mobile phones.

In the delivery of these products and services, EcoPayz has the backing of industrial certifications and accreditations. The service is authorized and accredited by Mastercard, which allows coordinated payments between the two payment systems. The system is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom and complies with standards for the payment card and data security industry.
About EcoPayz

Customers can register to obtain their ecoCard that can be used with the ecological account. Like a prepaid card, it can be used in person or used during the online transaction. Registration on this card is easy and will require the presentation of basic personal data including username, email, country of residence and currency selection. Currently, EcoPayz supports 3 coins. The card is accepted worldwide and can be used at ATMs and in stores around the world.

Like other cards, it is subject to certain limits and fees. All the cards, money for VIP come free. Cash withdrawals are charged 2%, with a minimum of € 0.80, for a euro account. The renewal of the card is charged € 12.50.

Another card that EcoPayz supports is the ecoVirtual card, designed as a one-use card that can complement the ecoAccount. This can be used to pay for products and services ordered online and even by phone. The best thing about this product is that the payment can be processed without sharing personal information. The card can be purchased in an instant, without the need of a bank account.

Deposit and withdrawal with Bitcoin in online casinos

If you are new to the online casino or you are online for years, the truth is that Bitcoin is one of the latest additions to the industry. Bitcoin is an online currency, offers the opportunity to play as you would with other currencies like dollars or euros, but the difference lies in how the currency works and how you use it.

Bitcoin was introduced for the first time in the world of online casinos in 2012, but it took some years for it to become a reality. Now you will find that the most reliable online casinos begin to facilitate withdrawals and deposits through bitcoins. Now that you know the deposits and withdrawals of bitcoins are a reality, it is possible to know a little more what your operation is like, how you can use them and why you prefer them to traditional methods of banking.

How to deposit through Bitcoin

Before you can run a Bitcoin deposit, you must first set up a Bitcoin wallet online. If “Bitcoin wallet” makes you confused, all you have to understand is that these wallets exist online in the same way as a bank account or a PayPal account. There are hundreds of different sites where you can buy a Bitcoin wallet and almost all are free. Moreover, the most popular wallets are equipped with encryption technology ensures that your personal information and your wallet balance remain confidential and secure.

Once you have created a Bitcoin wallet, the next logical thing you should do is buy bitcoins. While it can be obtained in the open market and find the best offer, the portfolio that is used more than likely to be able to facilitate a purchase, bitcoins. The process of buying bitcoins is similar to buying consumer goods online, as it must provide basic financial information, such as name, credit card number and a physical address. To think more realistically, however, you do not buy bitcoins as much as you exchange the dollar against other currencies, it is strictly digital.

So, now that you have your Bitcoin wallet and it is loaded with bitcoins, the next step is to take those bitcoins and load them into your online casino player account. From now on, the way you fund your account is a bit different from the one you’re used to. Instead of entering your credit card information and making a deposit, you must provide your Bitcoin wallet address, along with the desired deposit amount, to the casino in question. Once you have your bitcoin address and the amount you wish to deposit, the transfer will take a few seconds to complete. After that, you are ready to play your favorite games with real money.

One thing to keep in mind is that the value of a single bitcoin, although variable, will almost always be well above $ 100. In fact, in recent years, only one bitcoin has been valued at several hundred US dollars. If you are a more conservative player and just want to deposit something like $ 50, you are not lucky. Fortunately for you, fractions of bitcoins can be eliminated at the same time. Many people see the value of 1 BTC and are afraid because they do not want to spend hundreds of dollars at a time. Do not let this be, because even if you want to buy and then present .1BTC, it is possible to do so.

To that end, most of the reputable online casinos that deal with Bitcoin allow you to play with BTC in terms of USD. Therefore, instead of placing .0001BTC bets, you can bet in terms of a currency that you understand. In other words, even if you play and technically bet with bitcoins, the amounts of your bets and your winnings can and will be in US dollars or any currency you used to use.

Cash with Bitcoins

Now that you have set up a Bitcoin wallet, the process of changing your earnings becomes as easy as possible. When the time comes to collect, all you need to do is select the amount of money you want to receive and it will be yours in minutes. Again, all you have to do is provide the online casino with your Bitcoin wallet address, and the transaction will be executed immediately.
Benefits of using Bitcoins in online casinos

One of the biggest benefits of using bitcoins to play real money at online casinos is the amount of fees you will have to pay. While other banking methods curl your wallet or bankroll, most bitcoin transactions have no fees. Those that have fees often tend to be extremely light and manageable.

In addition, instead of receiving your money by check sent by mail, bitcoin withdrawals occur instantaneously, so your desired bitcoin withdrawal will be available and in your bitcoin wallet a few seconds after the withdrawal is executed. You will no longer have to worry about long processing times and / or slow postal service.

An often misunderstood advantage of using bitcoins in online casinos is the fact that this method keeps your personal information secure. Instead of directly providing your credit card information, billing address and all kinds of additional information to an online casino, Bitcoin requires that you only provide the address of your wallet, which is encrypted for more than security. If you are worried about the possibility of your information falling into the wrong hands, Bitcoin is what you should use for all your online banking transactions.